Policy and Privacy

The privacy policy of supplementmag depends upon what information we collect and that we are going to post it on our website and make presentable on our website. And make our information represent able on our website which will make our customer fell easy and understandable. We collect our information from various users of our product and post on or website that is supplementmag.com. The privacy policy relates to the product that we offer on our website. The privacy policy refers to the terms and condition of the product.

What information do we collect?

We collect various information from various users of our product. And then we utilize this information for the betterment of our customer of this product. The following types of information that we collect from our users are:-

  • Personal identification information:-we try to collect the information that’s relates to your personal life. We collect information when you log in to our website or place order of our product. We collect your personal information such as your name, email id, address, contact number and your credit card information. In this we came to know about your personal detail and make your detail to help you know about the product changes.
  • Non-personal identification: After collecting the personal identification information then we try to collect the non-personal information of our users. We collect information such as such that which type of computer you uses or you use laptop, which type of browser you use in your computer and many more information. And we try to make our customer fell relax and friendly nature.

Web browser cookies:

Now a days each and every website  try to collect cookies  and try to make use of cookies to improve the experience and make our website more attractive and want to know about our users and make our website represent able as our customer wants to see. And make use of cookies as much as we can make the use of your cookies. And try to make our customer feel relax-able as much as you can understandable to you.

How do we use your information?

The information which you give to us at the time of placing of an order or at the time of registration. We try to help you and make our website more represent able to you. We always try to remain in contact with you with your personal and non-personal information. If we saw any wrong information on our website then we try to change it as soon as it can be. From your personal and non-personal information. We try to remain in contract with our customer. We keep on remain contact with our customer. And try to know about that it satisfy you and or not and many more things. And many more usage of your information will go to be done such as it our website. We try to make our website more attractive, improve our service and communication with our customer. Your information will going to be help in such a ways that are it reduce the coast of survey, it helps in advertising of our website, it save money of our company.

How do protect our customer information?

We always try to secure all type of your information that is taken by our customer at the time of placing order. We collect lot of personal and non-personal information. We try to secure your information and even try to share you information with anyone. We try lot of security browser and application to save your information. Your information can we used only for your helping purpose. Your information can be read by the few teammates of our team. So you remain fell secure that your information cannot be share with anyone. All type of information that is related to credit or debit card information will go through from many securities there are lot of security socket layer technology then after all this process you information will going to stored in our computer.

Sharing your personal information:

We assure our customer that we are not going to share your information with anyone else. Until or unless it is any type of legal matter. We will not going to share any type of information it could be any type of such as personal and non personal information your information will going to be use only for your usefulness and it will be used to transits your order only. The information which takes from you is that your email id is only be to sort out your query.

Opt out:

If you want to opt out from our further contact with us. Then you have to make request then we will stop making contact with you and we will not share information with you and not going to share information with you.


Our website supplementmag.com works only on our products we will not redirect you to another website. We are not responsible for any other content that is posted on our website if you are redirect to any other website to any other link. For security reasons, please try to go through the privacy policy of this product.

How we tell you the changes of our product:

Whenever there are any changes in our privacy policy then we will try to tell you as soon as it possible. Then there will we highlights on the top of the corner of our website and we will tell you as soon as it possible.

How you can contact to us:

For any further information or any query you should contact to us, from our official website. Or you can also email us at  support@supplementmag.com